Sharada’s Communication Charter
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My Communication Charter

I am finding it hard to get things done in time. My analysis of my time shows that my smartphone is a huge distraction in my life. My smartphone affects me in multiple ways. It makes me anxious to check my phone for emails and messages. It is weakening my mind’s ability to stay relaxed. The moment I am bored, my smartphone is with me to provide with sources of perpetual distraction. I am realizing that how I interact with my phone is also shaping my niece’s and nephew’s perception of people’s relationship with phones.


To reclaim my time and sense of calmness, I have created the following custom communication charter for myself


  • Email is my preferred means of professional communication.
  • On weekdays, I check my emails only twice a day – around 11am and 3pm (IST). I do not check my emails on weekends unless I am expecting something.
  • I leave my smartphone at home and only carry a feature phone around which I use purely for phones calls. Although I can read texts on it, I prefer not to reply to them as long texts are cumbersome to type on a feature phone.
  • I don’t like running to my phone every time it rings or beeps. I keep it on silent mode most part of the day. If I have not returned your calls, it only means I have not seen your missed call.
  • I check my WhatsApp  and Signal messages twice a day. I find constant exchange of messages via those apps stressful. I prefer voice calls.
  • I will not be online on Google Hangouts or Skype unless I have scheduled a call on those platforms.