About CSP
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CS Sharada Prasad (CSP)

I am a Senior Principal at Infosys.  In my earlier life, I have been a faculty, researcher, sanitation specialist, WASH consultant, and a photographer. My research was focused on sanitation access and work in low and middle-income countries.

I enjoy poetry, cooking, and conversations over coffee.

Photography is my passion, my way of seeing this world and communicating with the people around me. My struggle to reason with the unreasonable world around me has made me believe that pictures articulate certain human struggles better than words do. Hence, I intend to use photography as a tool to document the society around me and to communicate my research to non-academic audience.

I believe that recognizing the common human elements among us creates a connection of deeper empathy and compassion. To emphasize those human elements, I am planning on juxtaposing the working and living conditions of sanitation workers in India with those of in USA, Africa, and Europe. In December 2014, I photo documented manual scavengers of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, as the first step towards that project. It will be a long and difficult project and I will need the support of every interested individual. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in collaborating.

Apart from the images that you see on this website, I also maintain a blog. This blog is my keepsake in this chaotic world where I easily forget my fortunes. I am surrounded by a loving set of family and friends, and life has provided me with many enriching experiences. I want to live with a strong sense of gratitude and use this blog to count my fortunes and document all the things I am grateful for.

I want to come back to my blog posts when I feel lonely or depressed to know that I have had days of meaningful companionship and joy. When I feel that life is unfair to me, I want my posts to remind me that life has been more fair to me than most people. I share this world with billions of other humans beings who will never be treated justly. I want to be reminded that what I perceive as difficulties are actually privileges which most people dream to have. I want this blog to be my lifeboat when my heart and mind are hit by the deluge of narcissism and sense of entitlement. I want this blog to be a constant reminder of all the good things I have in my life.

The blog is also a compilation of my observations of different cultures and ideologies I have been personally exposed to.  Nevertheless, there are posts on my blog where I just rant.

The views expressed in these blog posts are subjective and are mine alone. My family, friends, or employers are not responsible for any of those views. As it may be evident from my blog posts, my understanding of the world is not complete and is fogged by distorted thinking. My views stand to change with the progression of life and assimilation of new experiences.

Thank you for visiting my site. If possible, please share your thoughts with me either through comments or via contact form below. Help me appreciate the serendipity I am immersed in.

Contact details: contact@sharadaprasad.com / +91 76191 77022 (India / WhatsApp) / +1 510 342 9253 (USA / Telegram)


1. What is CS?

CS is part of my initials. A few names in South India have initials which are usually a combination of the name of the home town one’s family is part of and one’s father’s name. C in my case stands for my hometown – Chitradurga and S represents my father’s first name – Srinivasa Murthy

2. What is your full name then?

It is Chitradurga Srinivasa Murthy Sharada Prasad (citradurga śrīnivāsa mūrti śāradā prasād). My first name is Sharada Prasad and my last name is Chitradurga Srinivasa Murthy

3. That is one of the craziest names I have come across. Uttering your name takes a lot of calories. Is there an energy-efficient version of your name?

Yes. There are several -Sharad,  Sharada, Prasad, Sharada Prasad, SharP, CSP, and Frank, the most recent addition.