CS Sharada Prasad | My Communication Charter
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My Communication Charter

Inspired by email charters some of my friends are following, I have created the following custom communication charter for myself


  • Email is my preferred means of professional communication.
  • I check my emails only twice a day. Once before 11am and once before 3pm (IST).
  • I only carry a dumbphone around. I use it purely for calling. Although I can read texts on it, I prefer not to reply to them as long texts are cumbersome to type on a dumbphone.
  • I don’t like running to my phone every time it rings or beeps. I keep it on silent mode most part of the day.
  • I check my WhatsApp / Signal / Telegram messages twice a day. I find constant exchange of messages via those apps stressful. I prefer voice calls.
  • I will not be online on Google Hangouts or Skype unless I have scheduled a call on those platforms.